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Wiz Router Driver - Wireless router drivers are the software that allows the hardware components of wireless networking to work properly. Without wireless router drivers, it would not be possible for wireless technology to work in various places throughout modern society. Wireless internet is available for PC and Macintosh computers in coffee shops, airports, and hotels. In order for your computer to connect to the wireless router, a handshake must be made between both computers. This handshake is possible if the wireless router driver confirms to the most popular IEEE 802.11g standard, which practically all computers and routers do.

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There are two types of wireless router drivers that are involved in this handshake process. One of them is the driver that is installed on your local computer. This driver allows you computer operating system to communicate with your wireless network card. With a working wireless router driver, the user has complete control over the wireless network card. This includes connecting and disconnecting from a chosen wireless network, scanning for new wireless networks, and allowing your computer to connect wireless networks in your order of preference.
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