Scan Control 8.5.1 Driver

Scan Control 8.5.1 Driver - Scan Control 8.5.1 Scan Control 8 is the user interface software specifically designed for use with the Agilent high-resolution scanner (G2505C) or high-resolution scanner upgrade and will not function with earlier scanner versions.

Download Driver For Scan Control 8.5.1

Image Scan Control 8.5.1 Driver

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Scan Control 8.5.1 For Windows 7 Download Software (29.3 Mbytes) .exe

The Scan Control software version 8.5 now supports Microsoft Windows 7 - 64 bit. If the software is to be installed on the Windows 7 - 64 bit operating system, please see the following additional instructions and software required for this operating system configuration: Download driver update(1.83 KBytes) .zip

Install Scan Control 8.5.1, first.

Prior to turning on the scanner, extract the driver from the downloaded .zip file and overwrite the corresponding driver found at: C: Program Files (x86) Agilent Microarray USB Drivers Note: The save date of the new driver (Oct 2009) is actually earlier than the one it replaces (April 2010). Download the terminal software (8.6 Mbytes) .exe to capture diagnostic data.

G3 Gene Expression Scan Profiles

Scan Profiles contain the scan parameters that Agilent recommends for each microarray application. Most scan profiles are already included with the Scan Control Software, but occasionally, Agilent releases a new application or array format for which a new Scan Profile is needed.

The Scan Profile link below contains the Gene Expression and miRNA scanning profiles that Agilent recommends to be used with the new G3 arrays. These profiles are to be used only with the Agilent high-resolution scanner (G2565CA) or high-resolution scanner upgrade. It will not function with earlier scanner versions. Download and unzip Profile (0.5 KBytes) .zip

Within the Scan Control Software, select "Tools", then "Profile Editor". Select "Import", then browse for the location of the scan profile file, and select "Open". Two profiles will then be added to the available list of profiles. Also read: Viewtron CCTV DVR Viewer App Driver

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