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Epson L355 Printer Driver - There Epson L355 numerous classes of flatbed scanner, from cheap and pleased pinnacle-of-an-all-in-one class to multi-thousand pound professional artwork seize devices. Epson L355 is aimed toward the picture enthusiast, either keen newbie or semi-pro. Coming in at under £2 hundred, it includes the photograph healing software, Digital ICE. It’s spring counterbalanced to stay open at forty five degree and 90 degree angles, and has extending hinges, so that you can test from bound files.

Epson L355 Design

Image Epson L355 Printer Driver

At the front, 4 scanning buttons, set by default to tasks which include reproduction, test to e mail and experiment to PDF, can be programmed to begin different programs, too. At the again, the handiest sockets are for USB connection and for the scanner’s external strength supply. In a tool the scale, it’s a disgrace the mains deliver can’t be constructed into the frame of the scanner.

Under the Epson L355 lid you may slide off the file mat to show a light supply for the transparency scanner. Two reversible templates are furnished to lay at the flatbed, which between them permit negatives and slides, both 35mm and medium layout, to be without difficulty located for scanning.

The bundled software program includes a full model of Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 (Mac, version 6) and Epson’s exquisite Scan application, which fits in four one-of-a-kind modes with increasing tiers of control. Full Auto does what it says and using default settings, scans anything’s on the flatbed. Home mode offers a touch greater control, even as Office mode offers greater settings once more, although nevertheless with an eye fixed on productivity. Finally, there’s Professional mode, which offers you get entry to to all the available setting selections.

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