Epson L220 Printer Driver

Epson L220 Printer Driver - About Epson L220 As we know, there are a lot of good printer brands sold in the market. In addition there is a canon brand printer, another printer brand is quite a favorite in the community is epson printer. Epson printers have many types, but the most superior version today is the Epson L220 printer. Epson L220 printer is one of the printer brands made from epson, even arguably Epson L220 is the latest breakthrough from epson printer where this printer is upgradeable printer from epson L210 printer.

Epson L220 Design

Image Epson L220 Printer Driver

One additional feature is equipped with a scan and copy feature. Epson L220 printer is a type of inkjet printer that is equipped with ink tubes and ink hoses that directly into the catridge. In addition Epson printer is also equipped with the use of ink is economical. Estimates in one black refillable ink can be used to print about 4000 pages. So not too wasteful use. To be more durable and good prints, then use the original ori printer type or ink for the Epson L220.

The price of Epson L220 ink is a bit expensive ie plus 100 thousand, but because of this printer the use of ink more efficient. So the use of ink becomes more cost effective. Another advantage of Epson L220 printers is faster printing process than previous versions of the Epson L210 with a speed of only 6.0 / 3.0 ipm.

Plus on the scan feature / copy there is one touch button located on the front. To design the printer itself is not too large and more practical so that the placement of the printer can be anywhere and space saving.

Specifications Epson L220 Printer

  • Has 3 functions in one printer (multifunction) that is print, scan and copy.
  • Printer inkjet printing method
  • Supported paper sizes A4, A5, A6, B5, Letter, Legal, Half Letter, Folio
  • Max resolution 5760 (horizontal) x 1440 (Vertical)
  • Black and white print speeds reach 15 ppm
  • Color print speeds reach approx 7.0 / 3.5 ipm
  • Copy speed 12/6 cpm
  • Resolution scan 600 × 1200 dpi
  • Connectivity USB Support (standart)
  • Support Operating system windows xp / 7/8/10 and mac OSX

The advantages of the Epson L220 Printer Specifications above make this epson printer much in demand even interested by home-based businessman. Where Epson printer is very suitable to be used in developing business business especially for printing business, scan and copy.

In addition the power consumption is used only 10 watts. So it really fits to support your business because the use of electricity becomes more efficient and very profitable for your business. From the many advantages of Epson L220 printer you can get with an affordable price.

Download Driver For Epson L220

Our site provides a free download driver link, for those of you looking for drivers for Epson L220 driver. Not only that, in addition to the drivers for Epson brand, we also available driver download link for all brands that you can search through search page contained in this site.

In order to maximize your working time, and save the drivers on the computer device, of course Epson L220 driver desperately need a driver in a computer device owned. So we can tell you about Epson L220 driver, which may be from you viewing our site. Not only for the firmware drivers, here you can find other drivers such as printer drivers, VGA, Graphics, laptops, notebooks, and so on about required drivers. Thanks for visiting the driver download, we hope to share this link with your colleagues, to grow more people who know where we are, meet you again with a successful greeting for all of us.
  • Epson L220 Printer Driver For Windows 64 bit  Download (29.8 MB)
  • Epson L220 Printer Driver For Windows 32 bit  Download (26.3 MB)
  • Epson L220 Scanner Driver For Windows Download (23.3 MB)
  • Epson L220 Printer Driver For Mac OS X Download (38.9 MB)
  • Epson L220 Scanner Driver For Mac OS X Download (15.1 MB)
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