Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop Driver For Windows 98

Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop Driver For Windows 98 - Dell Inspiron 3800 can be considered because the maximum splendid laptop for the enterprise and domestic environments, Dell Inspiron 3800 pc comes with Intel celeron processor with a pace of six hundred MHz that offers large pace. The pc is well matched with Microsoft Windows ninety eight Operating System. This pocket book has got 12.1 inch display with splendid clarity. The reminiscence of this laptop is 32 MB SDRAM and it may be upgraded to run a greatest of 512 MB RAM.

Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop

Image Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop Driver For Windows 98

The Dell Inspiron 3800 computer consists of ports such as 9-pin connector port, S-Video connector and 25-hollow connector parallel port. Dell Inspiron 3800 computer comes with 1 W channel stereo inner audio system. The picture processor used on this pocket book is ATI Mobility M1 graphics accelerator that gives advanced graphical enjoy.

The system we reviewed
Become a excessive-stop configuration featuring an 850MHz SpeedStep Pentium III processor, 128MB of RAM and a 20GB difficult drive. However, the important thing distinction between the Dell Inspiron N4020 AC adapter and different laptop substitute systems is that it makes use of a computing device chipset, the Intel 815E, that extensively boosts the device's overall performance in key areas which includes hard disk throughput. In our benchmark exams, the Inspiron 8000 changed into awesome, returning an general Business Winstone 99 rating of 37.2 beneath Windows 2000. The 815E chipset and the powerful 32MB ATi Mobility M4 images controller additionally ensured healthful factor benchmarks. We did run into one overall performance problem with the Inspiron 8000. Incompatibilities between the 815E chipset, the system BIOS and Windows ME intended that our BatteryMark four.Zero test failed to complete. Unfortunately, this isn't just a technical glitch: it is also an inconvenience for users due to the fact the power-saving SpeedStep applet isn't always loaded. 

Dell has roving promos all of the time from loose S+H to unfastened additives and upgrade. Each promo lasts for about 2 weeks, so if you do not take care of what they're supplying, you can wait multiple weeks and see what they're supplying subsequent time. I ordered my pocket book with a free 2d battery for the 2d modular bay, which doubles the time I can use the pocket book on Dell Inspiron N4020 battery. 

The Inspiron 3800 offers style and affordability in a light-weight layout. Choose from a wide variety of alternatives and colors to create the pc this is simply proper for you. The 12GB IBM TravelStar difficult disk is detachable, and the memory sockets are effortlessly reachable under a panel in the base, but we did be aware that the 128MB furnished occupied each sockets, so in case you need to improve you will lose a 64MB module. The existing memory matter must be sufficient for most customers, although.

The low fee, user-pleasant capabilities, and tremendous documentation and support of the Dell Inspiron 3800 make it worth a look. The Inspiron, to be had in your preference of forest inexperienced, dark blue, maroon, or midnight grey, comes with both a pointing stick and a hint pad. Our 6.7-pound take a look at model got here with a CD-ROM drive; we suggest you opt for the DVD-ROM pressure, a $149 improve. Also note that Dell may be supplying this version with a Celeron/500 or Celeron/600 by the time you read this, now not the Celeron/550 we examined. As a multimedia participant, the Inspiron is adequate however not particularly provisioned. You can not play an audio CD with out turning on the computer, as an instance, and there aren't any separate hardware media controls. Performance and Dell 0M4RNN battery lifestyles (2:48) have been solidly midpack.

Dell Inspiron 3800 comes with 12.1 inch display and it's far an integrated portraits multimedia Laptop. This Laptop is to be had at affordable charge and it uses Intel celeron processor for the advanced performance. Dell Inspiron 3800 pc is totally customizable and it comes with first-rate keyboard and ideal shape. Dell Inspiron 3800 laptop uses video-out port for watching video on a TV.

The left bay takes batteries handiest, at the same time as the proper can be used for options like a CD-RW, Zip, LS-a hundred and twenty pressure, a 2nd tough disk or a second Dell Inspiron N4020 battery %. There's a software utility that lets in you to hot-swap drives, excepting a tough disk of course, and the floppy module can be run externally from the parallel port if the principle bay is already in use.

All the needful connectors are here, inclusive of a pair of USB ports, S-Video, and -- in a primary for a Dell pocket book -- IEEE 1394. A mini-PCI slot helps you to select among a 56Kbit/s modem only or a combination card that provides a ten/100 Ethernet Dell Inspiron N4020 adapter. SpeedStep problems underneath Windows ME apart, the Dell Inspiron 8000 is one of the quickest and maximum succesful desktop alternative notebooks available.

The Inspiron 3800 pc by using Dell carries specifications that work well each inside the workplace and at home. Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop is in the main designed for small and average business elegance customers and domestic customers. Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop is suitable for the customers to finish their wishes. Dell Inspiron 3800 Laptop could be very powerful and it allows to finish the tasks rapidly. The Dell machine offers an amazing keyboard, top Dell 0M4RNN battery existence and lots of energy and capabilities for an attractive fee. The simplest disadvantage is the construction of the case, which we might like to see toughened up a bit.


  • Intel Celeron 500 MHz (100MHz bus) 
  • 32KB L1 cache, 128KB on-die cache 
  • 14.1" TFT XGA Active-Matrix Display 
  • 8MB ATI Rage Mobility M1 2X AGP video 
  • 32MB SDRAM reminiscence 
  • Dual Pointing: Point Stick & Touchpad 
  • 6GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive, .5MM 
  • Modular 24X CD-ROM drive 
  • Modular Floppy Drive 
  • Internal Modem V.90 56K Modem (ordered) 
  • Xircom v.Ninety 56 model PC card (acquired) 
  • Windows 98SE w/ WinME improve 
  • Microsoft Works Suite 2000 
  • Norton Antivirus 2001 
  • 9-mobile Lithium-Ion Battery, 53WHR 
  • Second battery (Free promo)

Download Driver Dell Inspiron 3800 for Windows 98

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  • Soft Modem, v., A00 size: 6.44 MB,Version: ,A00 Download
  • Dell 32 Bit Diagnostics, A1102 size: 2.28 MB, Version: A1102 ,A1102 Download
  • Xircom WW Controller-less modem, v. 126, A02 size: 4.53 MB, Version: 126 ,A02 Download
  • Psion V.90 56k fax PCMCIA Modem, v. 1.0, A01 size: 1.74 MB, Version: 1.0 ,A01 Download Xircom WW Combo 56K 10/100 RBEM RealPort, v. 1.0, A01 size: 1.32 MB, Version: 1.0 ,A01 Download
  • Actiontec Soft Modem Diags, A00 size: 693 KB, Version: A00 ,A00 Download
  • Alps Dual Pointing Device, v. 4.5.107, A02 size: 2.16 MB, Version: 4.5.107 ,A02 Download Synaptics Touchpad, v.5.0.42, A06 size: 1.45 MB, Version: 5.0.42 ,A06 Download
  • 3Com 3CCFEM656, v. 1.0, A01 size: 1.46 MB, Version: 1.0 ,A01 Download
  • 3Com 3CCFEM656, v. 1.0, A01 size: 953.66 KB, Version: 1.0 ,A01 Download
  • 3Com 10/100 MB Ethernet Cardbus PC Card, v. 1.0, A01 size: 862.49 KB, Version:1.0 ,A01 Download
  • Dell Patches And Fixes, A00 size: 904.64 KB, Version: A00 ,A00 Download
  • Dell ACPI Prevention Patch for Windows 98, A01 size: 37.5 KB, Version: A01 ,A01 Download
  • ATI Mobility M1, v. M6.11.107-T01, A08 size: 17.81 MB, Version: M6.11.107-T01 ,A08 Download
  • Dell Solution Center, v., A01 size: 13.23 MB, Version: ,A01 Download
  • Dell Digital Audio Receiver, v. 1.03, A01 size: 5.33 MB, Version: 1.03 ,A01 Download
  • Intervideo Software DVD , v. 2.1pch3, A07PCH size: 38.86 KB, Version: 2.1pch3 ,A07PCH Download
  • Intel SpeedStep, v.2.3, A11 size: 1.34 MB, Version: 2.3 ,A11 Download
  • Softex BayManager, v. 1.03.54, A08 size: 3.45 MB, Version: 1.03.54 ,A08 Download
  • Dell Suspend Utilities, A09 size: 410.5 KB, Version: A09  Download
  • Dell Users Guide Viewer, A01 size: 1.45 MB, Version: A01, Download
  • Dell Power Management for PC Card Modems, v. 1.0, A01 size: 43.28 KB, Version: 1.0 ,A01 Download
  • Dell OS Updates, v.X21, A08 size: 1.82 MB, Version: X21 ,A08 Download
  • Intel SpeedStep, v. 1.0, A00 size: 948 KB, Version: 1.0 ,A00 Download
  • Dell Dock Quick Install, A07 size: 1.95 MB, Version: A07 ,A07 Download
  • Softex BayManager, v. 1.02.16, A03 size: 3.33 MB, Version: 1.02.16 ,A03 Download
  • Dell Inspiron 3800 System BIOS, A17 size: 2.72 MB, Version: A17 ,A17 Download
  • CD Creator 4.02, v. 4.02e_D8 and 3.01e_D8, A06-01 size: 3.33 MB, Version: 4.02e_D8 & 3.01e_D8 ,A06-01 Download
  • Adaptec CDRW-EZCD 4.02 and Direct CD 3.01, v. 4.02e_D8 & 3.01e_D8, A06 size: 3.33 MB, Version: 4.02e_D8 & 3.01e_D8 ,A06 Download
  • Samsung CD ROM, v. M2.31, A03 size: 991.5 KB, Version: M2.31 ,A03 Download

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