ASUS ZenBook UX510UW Laptop Driver

ASUS ZenBook UX510UW Laptop Driver - Abouts ASUS ZenBook UX510UW is modern day entry into the top rate computer marketplace, and with this 13.3 inch system, the organization is taking up the likes of the Dell XPS thirteen, MacBook Air and HP Spectre, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. This is a international of ultra thin and extremely mild laptops for round £1,000, and with the ASUS ZenBook UX510UW’s charge, Asus has undercut lots of its rivals.

Design ASUS ZenBook UX510UW

Image ASUS ZenBook UX510UW Laptop Driver

The ASUS ZenBook UX510UW is to be had in numerous specs, with the only of test right here the most commonplace within the UK, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. The model on assessment is the Core i7, 512GB, 3,two hundred x 1,800 decision display screen edition. Check which model you’re shopping for. The ASUS ZenBook UX510UW chassis is an evolution of ultimate year’s, coming in both lighter and thinner yet also coping with to reduce the charge. This ultrabook weighs simply 1.2kg and could slide into any bag with its svelte 12.5mm figure. Those are quite sizeable reductions on ultimate yr’s version, which weighed in at 1.4kg and changed into what now seems to be a instead portly 19mm thick.

Those numbers may also have moved inside the proper route, however it’s clear to see in which Asus has reduce fees with this device, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. Aside from the lid, which has a suitable spun steel silver finish, the relaxation of the laptop is unashamedly plastic. The ordinary shiny coating of the laptop is accomplished through tiny metal particles in the plastic, however it’s a global away from the outstanding carbon-fibre finish of the Dell XPS thirteen and the undying aluminium of the MacBook Air.

The same may be stated of the keyboard, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. It offers a decent quantity of journey and a good experience, but the keys themselves aren’t in particular grippy, and takes away any other point from this computer’s top rate credentials. The keys are as a minimum backlit, which is something Asus has flatly refused to encompass on its UK bound ZenBooks in current years.

WIth its thinner chassis, the number of giant USB ports has fallen from three to 2 one on every facet, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. The full sized HDMI port has long gone, too, to be replaced through a micro HDMI port at the proper edge of the computer. You additionally get a USB three.1 Type C connector, on the way to be able to strength peripherals along with USB monitors and storage arrays on its very own. An SD card reader and a 3.5mm headset jack are protected, however there’s no Ethernet port. It’s unlucky that although the smaller size means the Asus is extra sensible to hold around, it’s absolutely a much much less practical to use in an office. You do at least get a USB to Ethernet adapter inside the container, so in case you decide upon your internet stressed, you gained’t need to pay any more.

Keyboard and Touchpad
Despite the computer’s compact size, the keyboard is large in all the right locations, with well sized letter and variety keys and fairly large Backspace and Enter keys, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. The left Shift key is the equal size as the rest of the letter keys, which makes it harder to hit, but it’s something I quickly have become used to.

Spot the power button, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. There it is! Like the MacBook Air, Asus has integrated the on off switch into the keyboard itself but given it a switch that’s a good deal less attackable; it’s very difficult to hit by chance. This has emerge as a design function regularly determined throughout Asus’ pc range, so it can’t be that horrific.

The touchpad in all fairness appropriate, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. It isn’t a Microsoft-licensed Precision Touchpad, because of this you don’t get that splendid, instantaneous feeling you get from the likes of the Dell XPS 13 or MacBook Air. I additionally encountered a couple of events where it would sluggish to a crawl and come to be notably laggy, which felt like a driving force hassle. It occurred simplest twice whilst I was the use of it, but is something to look at out for.

Asus has absolutely nailed the 3,two hundred x 1,800 resolution panel at the ASUS ZenBook UX510UW, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. It’s rated as overlaying a hundred% sRGB gamut and a mighty extraordinary seventy two% NTSC gamut coverage, that's a huge and hard colour area. In exams, my calibrator put the display screen at 99.Four% sRGB insurance and 70% NTSC insurance. The display is brilliant, too, at 281 nits. Contrast is slightly decrease than I’d have like thanks to slightly improved black stages. I measured it at around 650:1. The only terrible approximately the display screen enjoy is the hinge, that is each slightly wobbly and doesn’t bend nearly as a ways returned as I’d like.

On my lap, the display wobbled visibly with every keystroke, which isn’t perfect on a premium laptop, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. I don’t have any troubles with the screen’s viewing angles, but in a totally tight area on a aircraft, as an example I’d want the screen to bend lower back much similarly than it does to keep matters cozy. The HP Spectre suffers precisely the same hassle, so Asus isn’t alone right here. The speakers are exceptionally accurate, dealing with high maximum volume and a little bass presence. I’d fortuitously watch YouTube and Netflix with those audio system, and music isn’t horribly crunched via them both.

Both of those are fairly average, dedicated server, cloud server, duplex building printing, virtual data room. Even in pretty well-lit situations, the webcam’s view of my face was murky. Faced with a tough backlit situation, it selected to suit its settings to the mild rather than my face. The microphone is of a quite low best, in spite of there being two of them in a dual array. Voices sound compressed, and at the same time as noise cancelling is powerful, it lowers the voice first-class even further. At no factor changed into I unintelligible, however it became infrequently a sterling performance.

Download Driver for ASUS ZenBook UX510UW

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Precision Touchpad driver 2.62 MB Download
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Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application 87.54 MB Download
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ASUS Wireless Radio Control 159.97 KB Download
Intel BlueTooth driver 8.13 MB Download
Intel Management Engine Interface 90.71 MB Download
Intel Management Engine Interface 90.92 MB Download
ELAN Fingerprint driver and utility 7.38 MB Download
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver 17.4 MB Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver 2.21 MB Download
Intel Serial IO I2C Driver 3.93 MB Download
ATKACPI driver and hotkey related utilities 11.27 MB Download
ASUS Live Update 8.82 MB Download
ICEsound 5.86 MB Download
ASUS Live Update 7.93 MB Download
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ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 10.6 MB Download
Intel Wireless Display Application 122.29 MB Download
ASUS Live Update Utility 8.71 MB Download
ICEsound 5.82 MB Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus 10.88 MB Download
Gaming Assistant only for 4K panel and NVidia GPU 1.58 MB Download
ASUS HiPost 5.56 MB Download
BIOS Flash Utility 965.53 KB Download
KCC Certification 998 KB Download
FCC Declaration of Conformity 86.81 KB Download
CE Declaration of Conformity 102.11 KB Download
CCC Certification 1.34 MB Download
CB Certification 239.96 KB Download
BSMI Certification 483.95 KBy Download
User’s Manual for English Edition 4.83 MB Download
BIOS 300 (UX510UWK) Update FW 4.34 MB Download
BIOS 301 Update FW 2.64 MB Download
BIOS 300 Fixed eDP panel 2.64 MB Download
BIOS 202 Update VBIOS 2.64 MB Download
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