Asus ZenBook UX21E Laptop Driver For Windows 7

Asus ZenBook UX21E Laptop Driver For Windows 7 - Abouts Asus ZenBook UX21E next skinny, mild version to fulfill the ultrabook standards is Asus' $1,199 ZenBook UX21E. The ZenBook comes in 5 simple variations: two models with 11.6-inch monitors, and three with thirteen.Three-inchers. The $999 base model (UX21E-DH52) comes with an 11.6-inch display screen, Intel's Core i5-2467M processor, 4GB of DDR3 memory, and a 128GB solid-nation drive (SSD). The thirteen.3-inch models, depending on their processor pace and the capacity of the SSD, range in rate from $1,099 to $1,499. The pinnacle version of those 3, the $1,499 UX31E-DH72, comes with the Intel Core i7-2677M processor and a 256GB SSD. Across all 5 fashions, the specifications observe Intel's necessities for donning the "ultrabook" name.

Asus ZenBook UX21E

Image Asus ZenBook UX21E Laptop Driver For Windows 7

However you slice it, all of these machines provide component lists superb for machines this lean. The one we reviewed is the $1,199 UX21E-DH71, Asus' hopped-up model of the eleven.6-inch version. It comes with the Intel Core i7-2677M processor and a 128GB SSD. Aside from the features you necessarily surrender in alternate for this skinny, light layout (maximum drastically, an optical power and a few vital ports), we determined this to be an extremely capable pc on maximum fronts, especially for its size. It's speedy and responsive, it has a first rate screen, and it appears very glossy. And one component that we never expected to blow us away in a skinny laptop absolutely stood out within the ZenBook. Read on to find out what it changed into.

While the ZenBook UX21E does not appearance exactly like Apple's 11.6-inch MacBook Air, the resemblance is near—so close, in fact, that in case you've seen or held a MacBook Air, you'll have a great idea how the ZenBook seems and feels. The two machines together with, to a lesser degree, the 13.3-inch Acer Aspire S3-591—are nearly same in size and weight. The ZenBook UX21E is made of hardened, polished aluminum that now not most effective exudes class but additionally feels terrific, if a chunk slick, on your palms.

This ridged pattern resists smudges and fingerprints relatively nicely, thinking about its shininess. It appears incredible, however subtle it's no longer. Get shipwrecked along with your ZenBook on a barren region island, and the lid may be formidable and reflective sufficient to signal passing ships or aircraft. It may be a bit too exceptional for a few enterprise customers.

The chassis, wedge-formed if considered from the aspect, has sloping traces and tapers in thickness from the returned to the the front. The frame starts offevolved at zero.Sixty seven inch at the returned and narrows to a sliver-skinny 10th of an inch at the the front. It's additionally compact in its other dimensions: Flat on your desk, this little machine takes up just 11.7x7.7 inches, and it weighs a moderate 2.4 kilos. It's actually a hair smaller and lighter than the Acer Aspire S3-951 (which is available in at zero.6x12.6x8.5 inches, 2.Ninety eight pounds), even though with a thirteen.Three-inch display, the Aspire S3 isn't without delay similar. The 11.6-inch MacBook Air, then again, is, and it is about the identical size and weight as the ZenBook.

Our initial (and enduring) influence of the ZenBook UX21E changed into one in every of solid creation and sturdiness. It's mild enough that you can maintain it in one hand and use the contact pad with the opposite. One factor to be aware, even though, approximately transporting it: With the lid closed, we discovered it a bit too skinny and slippery for carrying in a single hand.

Disappointingly, the 11.6-inch UX21E would not help any direct memory-card input. (The larger, 13-inch UX31E has an SD-card slot, but.) The smaller-screened ZenBook does have two USB ports, though: a general USB 2.0 on the left aspect, and a quicker USB 3.0 port on the proper. The USB 3.0 port additionally supports excessive-power-output USB Charger+ era, which recharges outside gadgets, together with smartphones and capsules, three instances quicker than a wellknown USB port can.

Also on the left part, you will discover a mini-VGA port and a headphone jack. In addition to conventional stereo output, the latter jack also helps S/PDIF, which incorporates multi-channel compressed surround sound in codecs together with Dolby five.1. (When connecting to a home theater, for example, you connect this port on your amplifier, which allows you to listen to surround sound whilst looking movies transferred over HDMI to the TV.)

On the proper facet, to the left of the USB 3.0 port, is the micro-HDMI port, and to the right of the USB 3.0 port, you will discover the energy jack. And it truly is it—the ZenBook UX21E has no other ports. However, Asus does encompass multiple reachable adapters: a converter for mini-VGA to VGA, and a USB-to-Ethernet converter. The latter is on hand if you want to plug in to a stressed out community.

While the keyboard appears high-tech, with its silver keys on a black history, it is really not the maximum comfy we've got used. Rather than supplying the lengthy, gentle, cushioned strokes we discover on maximum excessive-stop pocket book keyboards, the keys at the ZenBook UX21E bottom out too soon, preventing suddenly on the downward stroke. At first, while typing lengthy strings of textual content, this became a touch disruptive, but we finally were given used to it. We're not saying that the keyboard is hard to apply; it's just now not quite as at ease as it may be.

Also, the keys are not backlit. Unless you're a talented contact typist, you may find composing text in darkish or dimly lit rooms tough. According to Asus, the organisation simply didn’t have time to enforce a keyboard-backlighting gadget and meet the employer's overdue-2011 timeline for purchasing the primary spherical of ZenBooks out the door. (A refreshingly honest admission!) A new round of ZenBooks the use of Intel's next technology of processors (code-named "Ivy Bridge") is within the pipeline, slated for someday early in 2012. Asus says there is a great chance that the next spherical of ZenBooks will have backlit keyboards.

As with the keyboard, the contact pad, pictured underneath, required a few getting used to. Instead of getting traditional mouse buttons, the contact pad, or "click on pad," as we from time to time name it, acts as a button itself. In addition to the everyday tap gestures, while you press the lower-left location on the pad, the entire pad movements and you get a left-button response. Pressing the lower-right region mimics a proper-button click on. Pressing everywhere within the upper area of the pad initiates a left-button reaction. In addition, the pad supports multi-finger gestures, including pinch zoom, rotate, and two-finger scrolling. It takes some time to grasp if you haven't used a click pad before, but the longer we stayed with it, the higher it worked for us.

Overall, we determined the UX21E stylish, slick, and, no matter our minor quibbles with the touch pad and keyboard, clean sufficient to use. But the zero.3-megapixel Webcam is a particular flaw. The decision is just too low for recording respectable films, and the image fine is simply too low for video conferencing. We had higher good fortune the use of the Webcam with the Asus Face Logon software program, which lets in you to apply face reputation to log in to the pc. This labored properly and wasn't as complex to set up as we've got experienced on different structures. But in a next ZenBook, we might like to see a better-res digicam for general use.

Our test unit's sound satisfactory, then again, pushed the ZenBook UX21E's performance needle from mediocre to great. Co-evolved with Bang & Olufsen ICEpower, this system's SonicMaster generation produces incredible sound—possibly the first-class we've got heard on a pocket book to date. Even at lower quantity settings (50 percent or less), sound playback is solid and distinctive, without any of the faint, weak, tinny duplicate we get from maximum notebooks, even those with touted excessive-end sound structures. This became one of the few instances we have been inspired with the robust bass, tone, and other audio nuances emanating from a pocket book.

The ZenBook UX21E comes with Asus Tools, a folder that holds a handful utilities for backup and repair, facial reputation, the Webcam, and others. We especially appreciated the Asus PowerWiz software, proven inside the photo above, and Secure Delete. PowerWiz provides a complete view of your battery life, permitting you to peer how tons electricity you've got left primarily based on particular varieties of usage, including video playback, Internet use, and standby time. It provides seven battery-lifestyles projections based totally on these normal usage scenarios.

If you are more into saving all your documents as opposed to deleting them, you can take gain of the Asus WebStorage provider (supplied, together with the PowerWiz and Secure Delete below Asus' umbrella of utilities), which permits you to back up to the employer's cloud servers. Asus starts you off with 2GB of unfastened storage, and you may improve to limitless garage area for $29.Ninety nine in step with year—one in all nice offers we've got seen for on line garage.

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  • ASUS Virtual Camera Utility size: 1.95 MB, Versi V1.0.23 Download 
  • Keyboard Device Filter Utility size: 167.25 KB, Versi V1.0.0.3 Download

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  • Realtek Audio Driver size: 97.79 MB, Versi V6.0.1.6482 Download 
  • Intel Graphics Driver size: 74.94 MB, Versi V8.15.10.2559 Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture Touchpad Driver size: 12.63 MB | Versi V1.0.32 | Download
  • Elantech Touchpad driver size: 136.16 MB, Versi V10.0.5.3 Download 
  • Sentelic Touchpad driver size: 18.47 MB, Versi V9.1.7.7 Download 
  • Fresco USB3.0 Driver size: 4.71 MB | Versi V3.5.4.0 | Download
  • Atheros Wireless Lan Driver size: 17.94 MB, Versi V9.2.1.459 Download
  • Atheros BlueTooth driver size: 171.29 MB, Versi V7.4.0.90 Download
  • ASIX USB2.0 to Fast Ethernet Adapter size: 11.76 MB, Versi V1.0.1.1 Download
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver size: 389.48 KB, Versi V10.5.0.1026 Download
  • Intel Management Engine Interface size: 11.82 MB, Versi V7.0.0.1144 Download
  • Windows BIOS Flash Utility size: 365.51 KB, Versi V2.31.1 Download
  • ASUS Splendid Video size: 13.77 MB, Versi V1.02.0036 Download
  • ASUS Live Update Utility size: 6.72 MB, Versi V3.1.7 Download
  • ATKACPI driver, hotkey related size: 7.83 MB, Versi V1.0.0014 Download
  • ASUS Instant Connect size: 6.73 MB, Versi V1.2.2 Download
  • ASUS Wireless Switch Utility size: 4.03 MB, Versi V3.0.23 Download
  • My Bit Cast size: 730.11 KB, Versi V1.0.0.4 Download
  • ASUS Secure Delete Utility size: 10.16 MB, Versi V1.0.0007 Download
  • ASUS Power Option size: 5.1 MB, Versi V1.0.9 Download
  • ASUS USB Charger Plus size: 5.86 MB, Versi V2.0.3 Download
  • ASUS Face Logon Utility size: 7.5 MB, Versi V1.0.0012 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid Utility size: 12.42 MB, Versi V1.1.50 Download
  • Instant On size: 4.89 MB, Versi V2.1.6 Download
  • Life Frame 3 Utility size: 24.99 MB, Versi V3.0.27 Download
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  • ASUS Tutor size: 18.17 MB, Versi V1.0.2 Download
  • ASUS Secure Delete Utility size: 10.16 MB, Versi V1.0.0007 Download
  • Keyboard Device  Filter Utility size: 145.34 KB, Versi V1.0.0.3 Download

BIOS ASUS ZenBook UX21E download for Windows

  • BIOS 214 size: 961.57 KB, Versi 214 Download
  • BIOS 213 Support Windows 8 size: 961.57 KB, Versi 213 Download
  • BIOS 212 size: 961.43 KB, Versi 212 Download
  • BIOS 211 size: 961.51 KB, Versi 211 Download
  • BIOS 210 size: 961.05 KB, Versi 210 Download
  • BIOS 209 size: 959.91 KB, Versi 209 Download
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  • BIOS 205 size: 937.24 KB, Versi 205 Download
  • HDMI Insert size: 91.95 KB, Versi E10276 Download
  • CECP Certification size: 200.36 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • E-standby Certification size: 227.13 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • KCC Certification size: 1.03 MB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • FCC Declaration of Conformity size: 22.66 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • CE Declaration of Conformity size: 29.31 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • CCC Certification size: 317.57 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • CB Certification size: 150.66 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • BSMI Certification size: 218.45 KB, Versi V1.0 Download
  • Energy Star size: 32.35 KB, Versi V1.0 Download

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