Asus X540SA Laptop Driver

Asus X540SA Laptop Driver - The Asus X540SA is a cheap computer, with a great first rate of access stage features throughout the board in a ‘right’ laptop body. Asus could effortlessly admit there are compromises at this point, but need to they put you off a buy? Having spend a great even as the laptop, there’s most effective one primary problem here: performance. Intel has made extremely good progress with its Core M collection processors during the last 18 months, but the Celeron chipset used here is sluggish. Matched with a sluggish tough drive, you’ll need patience to get on with the Asus X540SA.

Asus X540SA Design

Image Asus X540SA Laptop Driver

At £279, the Asus X540SA isn't always too far off as low as you could spend on a brand new, substantial 15.6-inch computer that has a huge tough power as opposed to a tiny Chromebook-fashion wedge of strong nation memory. It’s additionally to be had cut-charge at £249 at the time of writing, without a doubt with its eye at the good buy hunter.

A computer with a shoestring price range, you’d hope the Asus X540SA wouldn’t make any stupid layout actions, and it doesn’t. This is a completely everyday-searching laptop with a plastic shell. In natural aesthetic phrases it’s pleasantly easy. While the lid is plastic, there’s nonetheless a texture of concentric circles fanning throughout it, mimicking the brushed metal style Asus makes use of in its higher-cease ZenBook laptops.

Asus sent us the sober, all-black version. It’s a great search for folks that need a low-key pc. However, there are colourful models too. It is available in crimson, white and purple, each noticeably changing the influence they’ll make at the same time as converting not anything however the color. Build exceptional isn’t too fantastic, although. Press down at the keyboard and you’ll see flexing, a sign  of a much less-than-difficult computer. Little construct problems like this are all the greater grating now that pills have made us expect expensive-feeling devices for comparable money.

The Asus X540SA’s length and weight are those of the getting old pc archetype too. It’s 2.2kg and 26mm thick. As such it’s too heavy to take around for hours at a time without your shoulders complaining, but will healthy into most larger record bags for the occasional trip out.

The AsusX540SA’s features approach is to offer plenty of breadth, but not all that plenty intensity. It’s probable the proper path for a reasonably-priced computer. It has each VGA and HDMI video connections, positive to thrill the ones who've antique pre-HDMI monitors they're no longer quite prepared to retire just but. However, there are simply  USBs. One is a USB 3.0 port, the opposite a USB 2.Zero.

The Asus X540SA’s connections are decked out on one aspect, which may additionally make manufacturing inexpensive. On the relationship-free aspect is the DVD multi-author and Kensington lock port. Once you begin including up what the Asus X540SA, it starts offevolved to sound like a pretty bargain.

The query is whether or not the deal will benefit the sacrifices required. Its keyboard features any such. At a glance it does a lot proper. It has a standard layout, or even manages to in shape in a NUM pad to the proper. However, the flex-glad casing and entry-degree keys go away it feeling springy, with a less properly-described action than a greater expensive laptop. There’s lots of key journey, however it appears vague in comparison with a taut chiclet design.

The Asus X540SA’s trackpad is big, designed to work nicely with gestures. With a clean-however-textured plastic floor it attempts to emulate the feel of a pitcher-topped trackpad on a finances, and doesn’t do too bad a process. However, like lots of Windows laptop pads, it comes with frustrations.

It makes use of evenly-spaced buttons included into the pad itself, and as there’s a NUM pad, the left mouse button location is clearly in the direction of the left of the computer. As such, the resting function of your left hand wishes to be manner over to the left, which may also experience unnatural. The Asus X540SA will work first-rate when used with a mouse, a whole lot as there are a few good components to the pad.

You’re now not going to get a stellar screen in a sub-£three hundred fashionable-design laptop. The Asus X540SA takes a few cues from the tablet college of display layout, however this is in the long run a fairly uninspiring pc screen. Given the charge, that should no longer be a deal breaker. The Asus X540SA has a fifteen.6-inch 1366 x 768 pixel LCD screen. It’s no longer terribly sharp, this being the equal resolution and pixel density laptops of 10 years in the past.

This isn’t an IPS display both, which means it handiest seems entirely ‘proper’ visible front-on. Look on the display from above or beneath and it both seems washed out or shadowy, thanks to some thing referred to as comparison shift. Asus’s stab at getting a cutting-edge appearance includes the usage of a sleek display screen end instead of a matt one. On the high-quality, this makes the colors look moderately punchy even though real colour overall performance of the display screen isn’t super.

Using our colorimeter, we found it hits 59.Nine in keeping with cent of sRGB, 41.3 of forty two.Four Adobe RGB and of DCI P3. These are the three most popular colour requirements, and hitting simply 60 in step with cent of sRGB manner the show will look a bit undersaturated. However, for the fee it’s a best performance. The problem with the usage of a sleek display is that it’s distinctly reflection-inclined, even amongst glossy laptops. Take it out of doors and the Asus X540SA can be surely vain.

Download Driver For Asus X540SA

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Realtek Audio Driver 219.58 MB Download
Realtek Audio Driver 219.26 MB Download
VGA Intel Graphics Driver 178.29 MB Download
VGA Intel Graphics Driver 172.19 MB Download
Realtek LAN Driver 9.72 MB Download
ASUS Smart Gesture Touchpad Driver 50.33 MB Download
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application 44.68 MB Download
Realtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application 30.12 MB Download
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application 44.64 MB Download
ASUS Wireless Radio Control 159.97 KB Download
Realtek Wireless Lan Driver and Application 35.37 MB Download
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver 8.16 MB Download
Realtek BlueTooth driver 15.82 MB Download
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver 7.74 MB Download
Intel Serial IO I2C Driver 18.01 KB Download
Intel Serial IO I2C Driver 190.54 KB Download
Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Driver 17.23 MB Download
Intel Serial IO GPIO Driver 167.03 KB Download
Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface 37.36 MB Download
Windows BIOS Flash Utility 888.63 KB Download
ASUS Live Update 8.82 MB Download
Power Director High performance video editing. 614.88 MB Download
PhotoDirector Complete photo adjustment and design. 285.7 MB Download
ASUS Live Update 8.71 MB Download
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 10.58 MB Download
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology 10.52 MB Download
Gaming Assistant 1.58 MB Download
ICEsound 5.75 MB Download
ASUS Live Update Utility 9.87 MB Download
ASUS HiPost 5.56 MB Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus 10.86 MB Download
KCC Certification 335.08 KB Download
BSMI Certification 300.8 KB Download
CE Declaration of Conformity 42.52 KB Download
FCC Declaration of Conformity 86.72 KB Download
CB Certification 171.92 KB Download
CCC Certification 1.84 MB Download
CE MARK WARNING 61.35 KB Download
User’s Manual for English Edition 4.89 MB Download
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