ASUS VivoBook S400CA Laptop Driver

ASUS VivoBook S400CA Laptop Driver - The Asus VivoBook S400 Ultrabook while we reviewed it recently however, at £seven hundred, the current Core i7-based totally Best Buy winner won't match all people's budget. Fortunately, you can purchase this Core i3 model for below £500. While it lacks the processor electricity of the more high-priced version, it has the same extremely good construct exceptional and show as its greater effective sibling.

ASUS VivoBook S400CA

Image ASUS VivoBook S400CA Laptop Driver

The S400CA is a lovely little computer, mild and slender enough to easily carry round with you all day and done out in a snazzy black and silver colour scheme. There's loads of area on the wrist relaxation, which adds to the consolation of using the Chiclet-style keyboard. Although it would not look very one-of-a-kind to the keyboard located on so many other laptops in the marketplace, it's strangely accurate for touch-typing, with well-sized keys. There’s no unusual positioning or key spacing to throw off your accuracy, both. The touchpad is huge and correct, but centrally placed in a way that makes it not going to be accidentally brushed at the same time as typing. The touchpad buttons are built into to the pad, in preference to being person keys, but we had no problem hitting them appropriately.

The 1,366x768 14in touchscreen has a sleek finish that makes colorings look in particular vivid, however despite that, it isn't always too reflective. However, it is no longer particularly bright, and its narrow viewing angles mean your viewing role has a primary impact on how colorings appear. Fortunately, there's lots of scope to tilt the display screen till you locate your most effective viewing angle. The touchscreen is accurate and responsive, even though the screen quivers a bit in case you tap it too vigorously, so that you'll need to be mild.

The pc carried out an typical rating of 33 in our benchmark exams. This is a as a substitute low rating, however it is still adequate for maximum applications, from file creation to light picture modifying. The 1.8GHz Intel Core i3-2365M processor most effective has two cores, even though, so it will take some time to render the output from a video-enhancing package, for example. The processor has an on-chip Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU. This failed our Dirt Showdown check, showing it's no gaming chip, however you'll as a minimum be capable of run older titles along with Left four Dead 2. Battery existence became six hours and 28 minutes – affordable, but as an alternative low as compared to many Ultrabooks we’ve seen.

The pc has both VGA and HDMI snap shots outputs, so that you can join a right display, TV or projector. It also has three USB ports, one in all that is USB3. As with most Ultrabooks, there may be no disc power, but there is an SDXC card reader and a 500GB hard disk. There's a 3.5mm headset port which can also pressure a popular pair of stereo speakers or headphones and a Gigabit Ethernet port. Further connection alternatives are furnished by using 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth four.0. The integrated speaker does not have any bass to talk of but produces a smooth, vivid sound with quite a piece of extent.

Download Driver ASUS VivoBook S400CA For Windows 10 64-bit

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  • ASUS Smart Gesture Touchpad size: 50.29 MB, Version V4.0,5 Download
  • TKACPI hotkey related size: 11.81 MB, Version V1.0.0039 Download
  • ASUS Splendid size: 14.07 MB, Version V3.13.0004 Download
  • ExpressCache size: 10.21 MB, Version V1.3.118.0 Download

Download Driver ASUS VivoBook S400CA For Windows 8.1 64-bit

  • Audio Driver size: 150.63 MB, Version V6.0.11.0200 Download
  • Intel Graphics size: 159.62 MB, Version V10.18.10.3308.02 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan size: 39.42 MB, Version V10.0.0.263 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth size: 94.72 MB, Version V8.0.1.306 Download

Download Driver ASUS VivoBook S400CA For Windows 8 64-bit

  • Intel INF Update Driver size: 2.89 MB, Version V9.3.0.1021 Download
  • Via Audio Driver size: 150.63 MB, Version V6.0.11.0200 Download
  • Realtek Audio Driver size: 77.78 MB, Version V6.0.1.6886 Download
  • Audio Driver size: 77.23 MB, Version V6.0.10.1600 Download
  • Audio Driver size: 154.67 MB, Version V6.0.10.1400 Download
  • Realtek Audio size: 111.17 MB, Version V6.0.1.6809 Download
  • Via Audio size: 142.63 MB, Version V6.0.10.1200 Download
  • Intel Graphics size: 140.72 MB, Version V9.17.10.3114 Download
  • Intel Graphics size: 139.22 MB, Version V9.17.10.2875.01 Download
  • Atheros LAN size: 5.87 MB, Version V2.1.0.19 Download
  • Atheros LAN Driver size: 5.65 MB, Version V2.1.0.7 Download
  • Alcor Multi Card Reader Driver size: 15.83 MB, Version V3.9.145.62246 Download
  • Alcor Multi Card Reader Driver size: 10.84 MB, Version V3.3.143.61629 Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture Touchpad, size: 23.33 MB, Version V2.2.0, Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture Touchpad, size: 22.87 MB, Version V2.1.3, Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture-Touchpad Driver, size: 22.73 MB, Version V2.0.1 Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture-Touchpad Driver, size: 13.18 MB, Version V1.0.36 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan, size: 35.75 MB, Version V10.0.0.225 Download
  • Atheros Wireless Lan Driver, size: 35.54 MB, Version V10.0.0.221 Download
  • Atheros Wireless Lan Driver, size: 35.42 MB, Version V10.0.0.205 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth, size: 90.74 MB, Version V8.0.0.226 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth, size: 90.66 MB, Version V8.0.0.220 Download
  • Atheros BlueTooth driver size: 180.87 MB, Version V8.0.0.214 Download
  • Atheros BlueTooth driver size: 180.24 MB, Version V8.0.0.206 Download
  • Intel Dynamic Platform size: 5.74 MB, Version V7.0.0.2023 Download
  • Intel Dynamic Platform size: 5.26 MB, Version V6.0.7.1084 Download
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology size: 524.25 KB, Version V11.7.0.1013 Download
  • Intel Dynamic Platform size: 5.23 MB, Version V6.0.6.1082 Download
  • Intel Dynamic Platform size: 5.23 MB, Version V6.0.5.1080 Download
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology size: 489.83 KB, Version V11.5.0.1207 Download
  • Intel Management Engine Interface size: 54.48 MB, Version V8.1.0.1252 Download
  • Intel Rapid Start Technology size: 2.07 MB, Version V2.1.0.1002 Download
  • BIOS Flash Utility size: 372.69 KB, Version V2.42.0 Download
  • BIOS Flash Utility size: 364.59 KB, Version V2.41.1 Download
  • ASUS Splendid Video size: 7.05 MB, Version V2.01.0010 Download
  • Express Cache size: 6.82 MB, Version V1.0.100 Download
  • ASUS Live Update Utility size: 6.28 MB, Version V3.2.4 Download
  • ASUS Vivo Book size: 6.79 MB, Version V1.0.30 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid Utility size: 12.18 MB, Version V3.0.4 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey related size: 14.19 MB, Version V1.0.0030 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey related utilities size: 12.61 MB Version V1.0.0028 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid size: 12.65 MB, Version V3.0.1 Download
  • ASUS Backtracker size: 6.76 MB, Version V2.0.0 Download
  • ASUS VivoBook size: 6.78 MB, Version V1.0.28 Download
  • ASUS Splendid Video size: 7.58 MB, Version V2.01.0005 Download
  • ASUS VivoBook size: 7.47 MB, Version V1.0.27 Download
  • ASUS Virtual Camera size: 1.99 MB, Version V1.0.28 Download
  • ASUS Tutor size: 22.55 MB Version V1.0.8 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey related size: 11.59 MB, Version V1.0.0026 Download
  • ASUS Splendid Video size: 15.87 MB, Version V1.03.0006 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid Utility size: 8.71 MB, Version V2.1.7 Download
  • ASUS VivoBook size: 7.62 MB Version V1.0.22 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey related size: 11.5 MB, Version V1.0.0025 Download
  • Instant On size: 3.07 MB, Version V3.0.5 Download
  • ASUS Wireless Radio Control size: 156.71 KB, Version V1.0.0.1 Download
  • Keyboard Device Filter Utility size: 154.9 KB, Version V1.0.0.5 Download
  • Life Frame 3 Utility size: 25.3 MB, Version V3.1.5 Download
  • ASUS USB size: 4.87 MB, Version V2.1.4 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid size: 10.58 MB, Version V2.1.1 Download
  • ASUS Virtual Camera Utility size: 1.96 MB, Version V1.0.26 Download
  • ASUS Scene Switch Utility size: 2.78 MB, Version V1.0.16 Download
  • ASUS Live Update Utility size: 8.2 MB, Version V3.1.9 Download
  • Instant On size: 3.12 MB, Version V3.0.2 Download
  • ASUS USB Charger Plus size: 5.63 MB, Version V2.1.5 Download
  • BIOS 210 size: 2.57 MB, Version 210 Download
  • BIOS 209 Support onboard memory size: 2.57 MB, Version 209 Download
  • BIOS 208 size: 2.57 MB, Version 208 Download
  • BIOS 207 size: 2.57 MB, Version 207 Download
  • BIOS 206 size: 2.57 MB, Version 206 Download
  • BIOS 203 size: 2.56 MB, Version 203 Download
  • EMI, Safety size: 30.75 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • E-standby Certification size: 227.48 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • FCC Declaration size: 85.61 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • CE Declaration size: 29.4 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • CCC Certification size: 293.16 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • CB Certification size: 213.62 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • BSMI Certification size: 485.68 KB, Version V1.0 Download
  • HDMI Insert size: 91.95 KB, Version E10276 Download
  • User’s Manual for English Language size: 6.53 MB Version E7598 Download

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