ASUS VivoBook S200E Laptop Driver

ASUS VivoBook S200E Laptop Driver - Abouts ASUS VivoBook S200E for a long term it turned into difficult to get excited about laptops, they all had the identical features, all of them ran the equal software and all of them looked precisely similar to the ones we all had five years formerly. But the advent of Windows 8 has changed all that, and no device showcases this fact higher than the Asus VivoBook S200. It's a high-quality little 11.6-inch touchscreen computer that offers pretty tons the entirety you could want from a portable device, and what is extra, it charges a very well affordable £449.99.

ASUS VivoBook S200E

The brain of this pc comes in the form of an Intel Core i3-3217U CPU, because of this it presents extra than sufficient grunt to strength Windows eight thru any everyday tasks even as keeping power consumption to an absolute minimal. You don't get any fancy pix – if playing 3-d video games is to your to-do listing, look elsewhere – however again, the included Intel HM70 EXPRESS chip is right enough to keep the whole thing at the eleven.6-inch screen strolling creamy easy with out pulling too much juice out of the battery. 

The Li-Polymer 38 WH battery itself consists of two cells and is ideal for two weeks on standby and a most of five hours' consistent use. In our check, it lasted fractionally over 3 hours when looping video, which makes it approximately common for a device of this length. A larger battery could handiest upload to the burden, which might negate the principle benefit of going for a tool this length – portability.

As it's far, it already weighs in at a pretty normal 1.3Kg which we assume is ready right if a bit weighty. We're speakme approximately top class materials here too, none of that faux-metallic plastic rubbish. The S200 is graced by using a cute brushed-metal finish with aluminium base – you can thank Apple for pushing industry requirements this excessive.

The display screen is trendy TN fare, so if you're seeking out an IPS panel you are going to need to spend a piece extra cash. But it is decent enough, and for most people we believe it would be really adequate. Viewing angles are what usually be afflicted by this display era however in reality this screen does quite properly. Colours are accurate sufficient and underneath regular occasions you should not be afflicted through its limitations.

On the contact aspect of factors, it is able to take care of 10 inputs right away, which puts it up there with the satisfactory and it really works perfectly in this regard. Touch inputs are registered without delay - there's no lag when exploring Windows eight or swiping among menus. It's a joy to apply, a actual computing satisfaction.

Of route, even as a gadget of this size and spec ought to by no means be described as a media gadget, the reality that it is so portable approach you can wish to load it up with tune and films. If it truly is you, you will be thrilled to locate that the supplied 500GB inner difficult power have to be more than enough for all of your applications and content. There's no SSD on this model; it is not an ultrabook in any case, and so the SSD alternative is reserved for the plenty more high priced Core i7 version, which also comes with a full HD IPS display and a rate tag extra than three instances as high. Gulp.

Sound is furnished by Asus' SonicMaster logo that's virtually simply a fancy way of announcing, "It's got a valid card and some audio system". The audio system genuinely are not that terrible, both. Many laptops like this can sound pretty nasty, but the S200 does a pretty true task of putting out sound that as a minimum sounds well rounded instead of shrill and piercing.

All your general inputs and outputs are equipped and anticipating you right here, with complete HDMI socket included, in addition to 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB three.0 port, VGA-out, SD card reader and Ethernet.

The most effective component you might discover missing is an optical disk drive but if you want one of those you are going to need to select a special class of tool. To finish off the specs, you've also got Wireless N for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 5MP front-facing camera for video chats and 4GB RAM that is almost sufficient reminiscence to run Windows eight twice.

The keyboard is likewise perfect.
We're writing this assessment on it now and in reality can not discover whatever incorrect with it at all, that's regularly now not the case with laptops of this size and rate. And we have been careful now not to use the phrase reasonably-priced there, due to the fact, virtually, the only issue cheap approximately this thing is the rate.

Even the trackpad is great and responsive, and responds well to Windows eight touch gestures. So there you've got it. The Asus VivoBook S200 is a remarkable little pc which offers preferrred suitable looks, slick performance and top notch portability, and concerned about a exceptionally agreeable fee.

Download Driver ASUS VivoBook S200E for Windows 8.1 64-bit

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  • Audio Driver size: 150.63 MB, Ver. V6.0.11.0200 Download
  • Intel Graphics Driver size: 159.62 MB, Ver. V10.18.10.3308.02 Download
  • Ralink Wireless Lan size: 24.28 MB, Ver. V5.0.37.0 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan size: 39.42 MB, Ver. V10.0.0.263 Download
  • Ralink BlueTooth driver size:81.09 MB, Ver. V11.0.742.0 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver size: 94.72 MB, Ver. V8.0.1.306 Download
  • Broadcom BlueTooth driver size: 171.11 MB, Ver. V12.0.0.7900 Download

Download Driver ASUS VivoBook S200E for Windows 8 64-bit

  • Intel INF Update Driver size: 2.89 MB, Ver. V9.3.0.1021 Download 
  • Audio Driver size: 150.63 MB, Ver. V6.0.11.0200 Download
  • Realtek Audio Driver size: 101.88 MB, Ver. V6.0.1.7027 Download
  • Intel Graphics Driver size: 139.22 MB, Ver. V9.17.10.2875.01 Download
  • Athros LAN Driver size: 5.65 MB, Ver. V2.1.0.7 Download
  • Alcor Multi Card Reader Driver size: 9.01 MB, Ver. V3.4.117.01527 Download
  • ASUS Smart Gesture size: 22.73 MB, Ver. V2.0.1 Download
  • Boardcom WiFi Wireless LAN Driver size: 14.62 MB, Ver. V6.30.59.49 Download
  • Atheros Wireless Lan size: 35.44 MB, Ver. V10.0.0.209 Download
  • Azurewave BlueTooth driver size: 166.68 MB, Ver. V12.0.0.2200 Download
  • Atheros BlueTooth driver size: 180.24 MB, Ver. V8.0.0.206 Download
  • Intel Management Engine Interface size: 54.48 MB, Ver. V8.1.0.1252 Download
  • Intel Dynamic Platform size: 5.23 MB, Ver. V6.0.6.1082 Download
  • Intel Rapid Storage Technology size: 594.1 KB, Ver. V12.5.0.1066, Download
  • BIOS Flash Utility size: 364.59 KB, Ver. V2.41.1 Download
  • ASUS Splendid Video size: 15.44 MB, Ver. V1.03.0005 Download
  • ASUS Tutor size: 22.55 MB, Ver. V1.0.8 Download
  • ASUS utilities size: 7.47 MB, Ver. V1.0.27 Download
  • Instant On size: 3.07 MB, Ver. V3.0.5 Download
  • ASUS USB Charger Plus size: 4.87 MB, Ver. V2.1.4 Download
  • Power 4 Gear Hybrid Utility size: 11.15 MB, Ver. 11.15 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey related utilities size: 11.59 MB, Ver. V1.0.0026 Download
  • ASUS Wireless Radio Control size: 156.71 KB, Ver. V1.0.0.1 Download
  • Life Frame3 Utility size: 25.3 MB, Ver. V3.1.9 Download
  • Keyboard Device Filter Utility size: 154.9 KB, Ver. V1.0.0.5 Download
  • ASUS Virtual Camera Utility size: 1.96 MB, Ver. V1.0.26 Download
  • ASUS Scene Switch Utility size: 2.78 MB, Ver. V1.0.16 Download
  • BIOS 200 (X202EV) Support “Fn+D” and “Fn+F8” size: 2.47 MB, Ver. 200 Download
  • BIOS 210 (X202E) size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 210 Download
  • BIOS 206 (X202EP) Support smart 2G onboard memory size: 2.55 MB, Ver. 206 Download
  • BIOS 209 (X202E) Support smart 2G onboard memory size: 2.56 MB Ver. 209 Download
  • BIOS 208 (X202E  display size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 208 Download
  • BIOS 205 (X202EP) size: 2.55 MB, Ver. 205 Download
  • BIOS 207 (X202E) size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 207 Download
  • BIOS 204 (X202EP) size: 2.55 MB, Ver. 204 Download
  • BIOS 202 (X202E) size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 206 Download
  • BIOS 203 (X202EP) size: 2.55 MB, Ver. 203 Download
  • BIOS 205 (X202E) size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 205 Download
  • BIOS 202 (X202EP) Change EC firmware size: 2.55 MB, Ver. 202 Download
  • HDMI Insert size: 91.95 KB, Ver. E10276 Download
  • User’s Manual (english) size: 14.85 MB, Ver. E7620 Download
  • Energy Star size: 21.43 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • E-standby Certification size: 227.47 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • KCC Certification size: 419.22 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • BSMI Certification size: 492.95 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CB Certification size: 172.75 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CCC Certification size: 280.44 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CE Declaration of Conformity size: 29.84 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • FCC Declaration of Conformity size: 22.68 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download

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