ASUS Vivobook E200HA Laptop Driver

ASUS Vivobook E200HA Laptop Driver - Abouts Asus VivoBook E200HA This 11.6 inch device weighs much less than a kilo and boasts as much as 12 hours’ battery life and prices most effective £230. Inevitably, compromises have been made at this charge, but in case you clearly want a basic typing device as a way to without problems see you through an afternoon then the E200HA is nicely really worth a glance.

ASUS Vivobook E200HA

Image ASUS Vivobook E200HA Laptop Driver

Asus can generally be relied upon to make an appealing computer, even on the finances end of the marketplace – and positive sufficient, the E200HA is a clever little system. The plastic build is hidden by a respectable metal paint job at the out of doors and around the keyboard, at the same time as the easy matte black display screen surround and keyboard finishes matters off properly.

Contributing to the computer’s svelte frame is that the processor is passively cooled, so there’s no need for any enthusiasts and air flow grilles. Combined with a weight of handiest 980g, this definitely is a take-everywhere device. A minor drawback of its mild weight is that you’ll want  fingers to open the pc, considering the fact that there isn’t enough weight in the base to triumph over the stiffness of the hinge.

On the right area is a USB 2.0 port and headphone socket, and the left is home to a microSD slot, micro-HDMI socket and a USB 3.Zero port. Considering the fundamental tasks this machine is likely for, that’s more than enough connectivity alternatives. Also at the left side is the power enter, which at first I mistook for a USB Type-C. Sadly, it’s a proprietary socket so you’ll want to hold the furnished charger with you always.

Elsewhere, there’s a trio of indicator lighting fixtures at the the front for strength, charging and Caps Lock; the electricity button is above and to the proper of the keyboard – a function we choose over the side, where it could be observed on some laptops of this length.

Keyboard and Touchpad
Considering the fee and size of this laptop, the E200HA’s keyboard is tremendously desirable. UK users get a proper UK layout and the overall arrangement of keys is perfect. It’s a touch smaller general than the keyboards on large laptops, but it doesn’t experience too cramped.

The key action is likewise affordable, with a crisp defined wreck right at the top of a key’s travel. How long the keyboard will closing in case you’re often hammering out 10,000 phrase essays is difficult to mention, however out of the field it’s responsive enough.

The handiest foremost be aware of warning is that after typing with the tool to your lap; the lightness of the base when it comes to the display screen and the moderate flex in the base approach that it could feel a little unstable. You’ll need to ensure the palm of at the least one hand is resting firmly at the the front edge to preserve it consistent. Note, too, that there’s no backlighting. That’s to be anticipated at this price, however it isn’t perfect for taking notes in a darkish lecture theatre.

As for the touchpad, it’s relatively good. It’s a respectable size and its surface offers clean gliding. Tracking is accurate and gestures work nicely. It’s a few manner from the silky-easy experience of the high-quality trackpads – the clicking motion is a chunk stiff – but it’s extra than usable.

Webcam and Audio
The E200HA’s webcam is extraordinarily fundamental, however it’s ok for video-calling responsibilities. Be aware that the VGA resolution and really sluggish frame fee mean it’s tough to parent any actual detail, plus movement is choppy.

As for audio, the two down-firing audio system on the bottom of the front edge of the device are as weedy as you might expect. There’s little or no in the way of usual volume and they sound shrill and tinny. They’re first-rate for looking the extraordinary film trailer and the today's clip from your preferred vlogger, but hopeless for music and any further-term video viewing. Headphones are a need to.

The E200HA is available with best one display alternative, that's an 11.6-inch TN LCD with a decision of 1366 x 768 pixels. It’s simply nice for most matters, despite the fact that without a doubt has its barriers.

The most apparent downside is the use of a TN panel. Such monitors are infamous for presenting bad viewing angles – and certain enough, that’s the case here. View the display from any angle apart from straight on and colorings and assessment are all around the region. The primary issue is vertical viewing angles; you’ll continuously ought to tweak the perspective of the display depending on the peak of your lap, table or different floor on that you’re resting the tool.

Although that resolution sounds pretty low, it’s simply excellent for this length of display. Everything appears the proper size – now not too big, now not too small – so that you don’t should move fiddling around with the settings to make textual content readable and icons a sensible length.

The screen does have other troubles, although. Brightness is quite low at just 245 nits – we’d hope for towards 300 nits – whilst comparison is simply 502:1, that's 1/2 what the quality laptops can supply. That method the display struggles to preserve a deep black level while also showing bright colorations, resulting in an image that appears a bit gray and washed out.

Download Driver ASUS Vivobook E200HA for Windows 10 64 bit

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  • Chipset SOC Driver Package size: 181.85 MB, Ver. V105 Download
  • SOC Driver Package size: 2.65 MB, Ver. V104 Download
  • Audio Driver size: 18.27 MB, Ver. V1.62.0.58 Download
  • VGA Intel Graphics Driver size: 179.03 MB, Ver. V20.19.15.4364, Download 
  • Intel Graphics Driver size: 182.1 MB, Ver. V20.19.15.4352 Download
  • Pointing Device ASUS Smart Gesture size: 53.75 MB, Ver. V4.0.12 Download
  • Wireless Radio Control size: 161.41 KB, Ver. V1.0.0.5 Download
  • Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan size: 87.07 MB, Ver. V11.0.0.10212 Download
  • Others Intel Dynamic size: 9.42 MB, Ver. V8.1.10902.254 Download
  • Intel Thermal Framework Driver size: 9.36 MB, Ver. V8.1.10900.175 Download
  • Intel Trusted Execution Engine Interface size: 37.36 M, Ver. V2.0.0.1067 Download
  • BIOS Flash Utility size: 964.54 KB, Ver. V3.1.0 Download 
  • BIOS Flash Utility size: 888.63 KB, Ver. V3.0.1 Download
  • ATKACPI hotkey-related size: 11.27 MB, Ver. V1.0.0050 Download
  • Splendid Video size: 10.57 MB, Ver. V3.15.0003 Download
  • ASUS Live Update Utility size: 5.77 MB, Ver. V3.3.7 Download
  • ASUS Live Update size: 8.71 MB, Ver. V3.4.1 Download
  • ASUS Live Update size: 8.82 MB, Ver. V3.4.3 Download
  • ICEsound size: 5.77 MB, Ver. V1.0.0.122 Download
  • ASUS USB Charger Plus size: 10.86 MB, Ver. V4.1.6 Download
  • EMI and Safety size: 61.35 KB, Ver. E11607 Download
  • User’s Manual for English size: 4.12 MB, Ver. E10745 Download
  • FCC Declaration of Conformity size: 86.67 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CE Declaration of Conformity size: 45.32 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • KCC Certification size: 335.39 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CCC Certification size: 1.02 MB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • CB Certification size: 234.58 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download
  • BSMI Certification size: 488.16 KB, Ver. V1.0 Download

BIOS firmware ASUS Vivobook E200HA for Windows 10 64-bit

  • BIOS 405 OS: 2.56 MB, Ver. 405 Download
  • BIOS 404 size: 2.56 MB, Ver. 404 Download
  • BIOS 402 size: 2.54 MB, Ver. 402 Download
  • BIOS 302 size: 2.24 MB, Ver. 302 Download
  • BIOS 300 size: 2.24 MB, Ver. 300 Download
  • BIOS 210 size: 2.24 MB, Ver. 210 Download

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