ASUS L402SA Laptop Driver For Windows 10

ASUS L402SA Laptop Driver For Windows 10 - ASUS L402SA Laptop always experience like a bet, but this is one you would possibly want to take, due to the fact the 14-inch pocket book offers a cozy keyboard, a display screen that is greater colorful than those on low-price competition and sturdy audio, all in a lightweight layout. You also get a preference of 3 colours. The Celeron processor on this domestic dog quite a good deal rules out full of life multitasking, and the battery existence is under average. But average, the L402SA is a quite excellent good buy.

ASUS L402SA Laptop

Image ASUS L402SA Laptop Driver For Windows 10

As I watched a trailer for Black Panther at the L402SA, I observed that the photograph regarded slightly washed out, causing blacks to appear as dark grey. Other colorations, along with the crimson in Forest Whitaker's pink gowns and gold decor, survived intact. The low-res 1366 x 768-pixel display become an trouble from the begin of the clip, as I observed pixelation in Wakandan waterfalls and Andy Serkis' head.

Producing ninety two.2 percentage of the sRGB shade spectrum, the L402SA's panel is greater colourful than those inside the Inspiron 14 (eighty one.4 percent) and the Stream 14 (81.Five percentage). Emitting as much as 206 nits of brightness, the L402SA outshines the 135-nit Inspiron 14 and the 186-nit Stream 14. While its hues retain strength at 30 ranges to the left and right, the panel is so smooth that the pondered light obscured the colors.

Keyboard and Touchpad
You'll be amazed by way of the excellent of the typing and clicking at the L402SA. While trying out the keyboard on the 10fastfingers typing check, I clicked my way to 74 words in keeping with minute, that is close to my 80-wpm common. Its responsive keys helped to allow this experience, with 70 grams of actuation force (even higher than the 60 grams we hope to look) required and 1.Three millimeters of travel (just shy of the 1.5 to two.Zero mm we decide on).

However, the shrunken right Shift and Control keys created troubles for me throughout checking out. While I get that Asus made them smaller to house sizeable directional keys, it led me to accidentally hit the up, down and left keys, when I meant to apply Shift and Control. Further complicating things is a column of keys on the a long way right of the keyboard, inclusive of Page Up, Page Down and Delete, making them hard to touch-kind, as no one else puts them there.

The L402SA's four.1 x 2.8-inch touchpad offers correct monitoring and a stable feel to each click. Unfortunately, scrolling on the machine can be a bit stuttery, that is probable owed to its finances parts.

The L402SA's audio system stuffed our medium-length conference room with a strong model of DJ Khaled's "I'm The One." Lil Wayne's gravelly vocals got here via as clear as Justin Bieber's, the track's bass hit with a accurate twang and the track's panoply of various synths all sounded correct.

The included IcePower Audio Wizard sound app defaults to the Music placing, in which you should keep it set. All of the opposite modes, mainly Off and Movie, generally tend to blow out historical past noise and muffle the vocals.

The Asus L402SA's Intel Celeron N3060 CPU and 4GB of RAM may make you forget the definition of multitasking. While I may want to paintings in this evaluation in a Google Doc in a unmarried Chrome tab, I saw slowdown and stutter once I brought 3 extra tabs (inclusive of HipChat and Outlook) as I attempted to put in writing this assessment.

The 32GB eMMC tough force within the L402SA wished 6 mins to copy 4.97GB of files, for a rate of 14 MBps. That's slower than the 24.7-MBps eMMC force in the Stream 14. The L402SA needed thirteen minutes and 15 seconds to complete our OpenOffice macro take a look at (matching 20,000 names to addresses), which is similar to the 13:04 time from the Stream 14.

The included Intel HD Graphics chip within the L402SA enabled a rating of nineteen,784 on the 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited benchmark. That's near the nineteen,073 from the Stream 14 (Intel HD Graphics four hundred) and beats the eleven,967 from the Inspiron 14 (Intel HD Graphics).

Battery Life
You honestly get what you pay for on the subject of the L402SA's battery lifestyles. Lasting a paltry 6 hours and nine mins on the Laptop Mag battery test, this device offers less staying power than you may get with the Stream 14 (7:04) and the Inspiron 14 (nine:01).

In the race for the worst webcam available on the market, the 0.3-megapixel shooter inside the L402SA is the new winner. The chromatic static overlaid on top of the photograph makes it appearance as though it have been being proven on a CRT screen, and the white textual content on my blouse got washed out completely.

With one unique exception, the Asus L402SA manages to live cool. After we streamed HD video at the pocket book for 15 mins, our heat gun registered acceptable temperatures on the pc's touchpad (eighty.5 stages Fahrenheit), G and H keys (84 ranges) and underside (95 degrees). It handiest breached our 95-diploma comfort threshold on a gap near its hinge, where we detected ninety eight stages.

Budget notebooks may be this cheap because companies which include Asus make money off of all the applications they preload. For instance, the Asus GiftBox is an internet app save that capabilities a bunch of stuff you can get at no cost some other place (Spotify, Opera, Firefox and extra), in addition to discounted apps, along with Adobe Creative Cloud (for up to twenty percent off).

The L402SA also includes some beneficial utilities, inclusive of WinFlash for BIOS updates, Splendid Technology for show settings (which includes blue-mild emission discount) and Asus LiveUpdate for machine updates. Of route, there's also a few stuff you could discover valuable, inclusive of the freemium WPS Office and the TripAdvisor app.

Configuration Options and Warranty
Our test model changed into the $229 L402SA, which functions a Celeron N3060 CPU, a 32GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. It may be known as the E402SA in other markets. It consists of a one-year guarantee, and you can analyze greater approximately Asus in our Tech Support Showdown and Best and Worst Brands competition.

Bottom Line
We recognize the L402SA's colorful display, relaxed keyboard and solid audio, which combine to melt the computer's constrained overall performance. But the battery life is frustratingly quick, even for a finances notebook.

You can benefit three more hours of juice with the Dell Inspiron 14 3000 (additionally $229), however you'll be stuck with a dimmer display. Plus, the Asus offers more ports. Overall, even though, the Asus L402SA is honestly well worth thinking about.

Download ASUS L402SA Laptop Driver For Windows 10

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Intel® Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Windows 10 17.23 MB Download
Intel® Serial IO GPIO Windows 10 167KB Download
Other – Intel® Trusted Execution Engine Interface Windows 10 37.36MB Download
ASUS Live Update Utility Windows 10 9.83MB Download
ICEsound Windows 10 5.74 MB Download
Gaming Assistant Windows 10 1.58MB Download
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology Windows 10 10.58MB Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus Windows 10 10.86MB Download
User’s Manual for English Edition- ASUS L402SA 4.39MB Download

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